Landscaping Services

Servicing the Beaches and Sydney Areas

Landscape Design


Our landscape designers help bring your visions to life, designing and mapping out your outdoor space in full before we start any landscape work. Our professional landscape designers can provide architectural drawings, will select best quality materials, and combine multiple areas of landscaping services to create a stunning outdoor space, guaranteed to impress.


Complete Landscapes


Full landscape makeovers generally tie in with our landscape design services as a cohesive unit. We can take your current outdoor space and transform it into the vision you have always dreamed of. We do this through a combination of our own expertise and your design ideas, producing an outcome that will last the test of time and that will make an impression on those who experience it.

Planting / Gardens


Plants and gardening are a landscaping staple, bringing a soft touch and creating a lasting visual impact contrasting with harder surfaces such as paving, retaining walls or concrete. Our team can transform your outdoor space through appropriate plant selection and plant placement, producing a perfect garden each and every time. Our top priority is the health of your garden.




Decks are often the most used area of a backyard. Our team design decks that meet the specific needs of our customers and fit their outdoor spaces perfectly, tying in with the deck surroundings. We only use high quality timbers, materials, and stains to ensure your deck remains as the day it was built, even through the harshest of weather the Australian climate has to throw at it.



Paving is a practical way to create a long lasting surface, while still making an impact with stunning design. Paving is perfect for areas such as pool surrounds, patios, driveways, and garden paths. There are many styles to choose from allowing you to tie in the design with other elements of your yard or outdoor space.

Retaining Walls

 Looking to change the look and function of your outdoor space? Retaining walls are a great way to add multi leveled areas to your back of front yard. Retaining walls can help you avoid soil erosion, add a stunning visual element to your outdoor space, and are a long lasting, low maintenance form of landscape construction.

Water Features

 A water feature can act as visually appealing focal point of an outdoor space. The calming sounds of trickling water also provide a relaxing environment, great for those afternoon siestas or warm summer days. Our team can source and install a variety of quality water features sure to make a lasting impression.

Lawns / Turfing

 There is nothing more satisfying to look at than a perfectly manicured lawn. Lawns are both practical and beautiful, providing a way to fill large spaces with fresh greenery, balancing the effect of solid materials such as concreted or paved areas. Let our team help select the perfect lawn for your outdoor space and teach you how to care for it

Intensive Care Landscapes services include:

  • Decking & Carpentry
  • Paving & Tiling
  • Pool Renovations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Ourdoor Kitchens
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Glass & Timber Fencing
  • Drainage
  • Planting & Lawns